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For those living with a chronic pain condition or health concerns, keeping on top of and managing your daily symptoms, medications and upcoming appointments can be exhausting in itself. 

That's why I created Symjo. It has been designed with a whole lotta love, in the hopes that it will help to make the lives of others like me living with chronic pain conditions just that wee bit easier to manage.

‘Daily Symptoms'

Designed to keep track of your symptoms from day to day. Includes pain scale, area of pain and medications taken. Finish with weekly / monthly summary pages.

‘Medical Journey’

Designed to track of all the medications you’ve tried and tested. Take note of dosage, duration and any nasty side-effects to discuss with your specialists.

‘Appointment Diary & Notes' 
For writing in upcoming appointment details, with pages to take along with you to your appointments to keep all of your notes in one place.

‘Useful Resources' Designed to store contact numbers, website, support groups, numbers and books, along with my favourite self care ideas to try.

what's inside?

Symjo is split into the following 4 sections

how to order?

Symjo is now available to buy via my Etsy store, which can be visited by clicking the button below.

my story

Living with a chronic pelvic pain condition called endometriosis, I, like many others I know, find it difficult to keep on top of my symptoms on a day to day basis. Time flies by so quickly and appointments, medications and information all seem to gel into one big squiggly mess inside my head. 


That’s why I decided to combine my passion for design with my desire to keep on top of my symptoms, my appointments and my medications, so they don’t keep on top of me.

I created the Symjo journal with a whole lotta love, in the hopes that it will help to make the lives of others like me living with chronic pain conditions just that wee bit easier to manage.

If you'd like to reach out to me with any questions, please email me:


help me to help others

To give back to the amazing team who have helped and supported me in so many ways throughout my own journey with endometriosis – from access to endo nurses who are on the end of the phone to give support and advice, to surgeries and follow up care and treatment to acupuncture to manage on-going symptoms – 10% of the sale of each Symjo will be donated to the EXPPECT Endometriosis Team based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


donated in January...


"Symjo is a game changing tool in my journey to healing and understanding my body and my health issues. It’s beautifully designed to keep all my notes together so I can reference back to my symptoms over time as well as to track my medical consults, medications, phone numbers, and all kinds of info that usually gets lost in the hustle and bustle. I feel more hopeful and confident about my future with Symjo by my side. Thank you so much, Megan!"

— chloé

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