Symptom tracking journal

‘Symjo’, is a symptom journal designed to help others living with chronic pain conditions to track their daily symptoms, appointment notes, medications and more, all in one place, making it a handy tool for both patients and consultants.

 Living with a chronic pelvic pain condition called endometriosis, I, like many others I know, find it difficult to keep track of my symptoms on a day to day basis. Symjo has been designed with passion, with the hopes that it can become a valuable tool for many people to take along to their health appointments, and to ultimately get to know their conditions and take back control of their own bodies.

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"After being surprised with a hypermobility diagnosis, I realised I needed to re-evaluate everything I ever thought was normal: constant fatigue, chronic joint pain, migraines, etc. Symjo is by far the most extensive tracker, and you can tell it’s been created by someone who has been in a similar situation. Was absolutely shocked to see how fast it was shipped, and have already gotten much use from it with regards to becoming a better self-advocate for myself and my situation.
Thank you!"

Alex, Etsy Customer

"This journal is INCREDIBLE. So much so that my physiotherapist and pain psychologist are now recommending it to people after seeing me using it. The appointment notes section just blows me away…why didn’t I think of that?!"

Beth, Etsy Customer

"This journal has been such a game changer for me - it was incredibly helpful to have on hand for doctors visits, and one of the BEST things I have purchased for myself on my endometriosis journey. This is my second journal. I filled my first symjo pre-surgery, and started this one for post-surgery.

Thank you for making such a useful product, I can not express how much I love it!"

Hanna, Etsy Customer

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