Daily Symptom Tracking Journal

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Symjo is a daily symptom journal designed for those who identify themselves as female* to be able to keep track of daily health concerns and symptoms, appointment notes, medications and more.

Symjo is ideal for anyone suffering from chronic pain conditions such as endometriosis, fibromyalgia, adenomyosis, crohns and more, due to the handy pain scale and body map* for marking in where pain is felt, however the journal is in no way exclusive to these conditions.


The Symjo journal is split into 4 sections; - the ‘Daily Symptom Section’ to keep track of daily symptoms, pain scale, area of pain and medications taken; - the ‘Appointment Diary Section’ to write in all upcoming appointment details, with following note pages to take along to every appointment to keep your notes in one place. - the ‘Medical Journey’ – to keep track of all the medications you’ve tried and tested throughout your health journey, and track your symptoms and side-effects. And finally; the ‘Useful Bits’ section containing space to write in important contacts, website resources, book recommendations, self-care routines and more.


Size: A5 (148 x 210mm)
White wiro bound
300 pages (approx.)
Weight: 649g