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10% of each Symjo sale is donated to the EXPPECT Centre for Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

EXPPECT Centre for Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis, Edinburgh

The aim of EXPPECT Edinburgh is to improve the quality of life of those suffering from chronic pelvic pain and endometriosis. EXPPECT brings together individuals involved in clinical care with discovery scientists in a hub within which new and innovative approaches to treatment are being developed.

The EXPPECT endometriosis service is comprised of a multidisciplinary team that provides state-of-the-art, high quality, evidence-based and patient centred treatment for the management of all types of endometriosis. It is one of only three British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE) accredited centres in Scotland.

The EXPPECT pelvic pain service is Scotland’s only multidisciplinary pelvic pain service. The pelvic pain team were shortlisted for a Grunenthal Pain Award in 2012, were finalists in the Scottish Health Awards in 2013 and were cited as an example of ‘good practice’ in the 2018 Scottish Public Health Network Report.

The EXPPECT research team have developed a large biomedical resource from individuals with pelvic pain and endometriosis. Their translational research pipeline includes drugs developed for other indications (‘repurposing’) that they have tested in their laboratory models. They also lead large multicentre clinical trials designed to determine effectiveness of medical treatments for endometriosis, and surgical approaches already approved for use.

The EXPPECT vision is that ultimately all medical interventions for those with pelvic pain or endometriosis will have an underlying evidence base demonstrating that their action does more good than harm.

Endo Bonds

Endo Bonds are a single body within Scotland working to achieve a Scotland-specific, unified approach to the way endometriosis patients are understood by health care professionals across the board. Their work ensures that all health care professionals understand the need for both physical and emotional support during a patient's journey with endometriosis and work closely with the Support Groups in Scotland supported by Endo UK.

Endometriosis UK

Endometriosis UK is a wonderful source of free, reliable information along with downloadable print resources. The organisation also runs an Endometriosis UK Helpline and in-person and online support groups, which are run by volunteers - many living with endometriosis themselves – providing support for those with the condition, those still seeking a diagnosis and for family and friends supporting someone with endometriosis. delivers up to date, evidence based information and news about Endometriosis, empowering people with endometriosis to make informed decisions about their treatment options. The website is a global platform which aims to bring all stake holders in endometriosis together.

Bladder & Bowel Community

The Bladder and Bowel Community provides a variety of information on different conditions affecting the bladder and bowel and the treatment options available. Their aim is to break the taboo of living life with a bladder or bowel dysfunction, diversion or condition and raise awareness for these conditions. They also have a fantastic Facebook support group.

The British Pain Society

The British Pain Society aims to provide education, training, research and development in all areas of pain, increasing both public and professional awareness of the facilities that are available for pain management.

NHS Inform

NHS inform is Scotland's National Health Information Service, providing accurate and relevant information to help people in Scotland make informed decisions about their own health and the health of the people they care for.

Pain Association Scotland

Pain Association Scotland aims to improve the quality of life for chronic pain sufferers by providing support and empowering them to live independently in the community. The Association has pioneered the development and delivery of self-management training courses for those burdened with chronic pain.

Pelvic Pain Support Network

The Pelvic Pain Support Network provides support, information and advocacy for those with pelvic pain, promotes education and encourages research to increase knowledge and understanding of the impact of pelvic pain. It has an advisory panel of clinicians, researchers and health professionals who have an interest in pelvic pain from many areas of expertise and countries. It is a patient led organisation and is run entirely by volunteers.

Endometriosis Facebook Support Groups (Scotland)

Aberdeen: Endometriosis Aberdeen

Dundee: Endometriosis UK Dundee Support Group

Edinburgh: Endometriosis Edinburgh

Endo Warriors West Lothian

Fife: Endometriosis Fife

Glasgow: Endometriosis - Glasgow (UK) Support Group

Scottish Borders: Endo Borders - Support

A full list of online support groups within the UK can be found on the Endometriosis UK website: